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Forwarding Domain1 to Domain2 (hosted offsite)- in loop, Office 365 email @ Domain1 @ GoDaddy

Sorry about the length of this one - probably why I can't find an answer as is.  Just too many variables here.  Here goes and thanks for any help:

I have Domain1 and Domain2 both registered thru GoDaddy.

[NOT SURE IF THIS MATTERS or could be impacting this at all:  I have Office365 setup under Domain1 and need to keep that going, so can't do a DNS-wide forward to Domain2.]

Domain1 is set to forward to another website - Domain2 (hosted at another host provider).  I used the process available thru "Use My Domain" and did everything and clicked on the "Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change."

To be clear, Domain1 is forwarding to Domain2 in the most basic sense.  But, it seems like they're looping around and weaving everywhere to get there. And, doesn't seem ideal and process can be slow.

Here is what is happening under the covers.  Ideally I'd get rid of the 1st redirect - not sure what that's doing anyways?

For example - Home Page - 301 - trying to forward domain1 URLs to domain2:


*302 - Temporary Redirect to:
domain1/OQhZp/ (FYI - "OQhZp" is completely random and changes; it's interchangeable with any Random 5 characters - upper and lower case alphabetical characters only at this point)

*302 - Temporary Redirect to:

*301 - Moved Permanently to: (FINAL destination)

Here's another example - this example of sending domain1/buy to domain2/buy:


*302 - Temporary Redirect to:

*302 - Temporary Redirect to:

*301 - Moved Permanently to:

*301 - Moved Permanently to: (FINAL destination)

*tool used above is:  Sorry to moderators for this looking like "spam" - it is not and I believe in giving a tool credit when using it, if that makes me spammer, OK.  Sorry, just spending way too much time with something that should never have been an issue in the first place...

The main concern of mine at this time is to get rid of the random 5 digit directory/level that is getting added automatically through GoDaddy during the 301 process.  Could this be misconfigured or is this some bug on GoDaddy's end?

Or maybe this is intentional step for some reason I'm not aware of?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks much!

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I think I understand what you are going for so let me take a go at this @peggybauerazre


So the issue as I see it is more about the way you are forwarding rather than what you are trying to accomplish? I usually point people to Create DNS records at GoDaddy for Office 365 but that might not help you? I don't know who your other host is but I'd go with:

  1. Edit the DNS of pointing it to the hosting root of
  2. Change/Add the rest of the records on your host for Office 365 (once you point your domain to another host GoDaddy would no longer control the domain)
  3. Actually just two steps? 

You might not have the control you require over your domain once it leaves GoDaddy (depends on your host)? You might have to add your as a addon domain in your hosting panel? Does that make any sense or am I seeing it wrong? 


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