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Forwarding and CNAME setup, but URL doesn't Stay as Purchased Domain

Hi everyone,


I'm pretty new at setting up DNS so please bear with me!


I have a SaaS website for child sponsorships that is located at


I purchased this domain through Godaddy:


My current DNS settings are:

  • Forwarding
    • http://
    • 301
    • Forward Only
    • Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change.

For Records that I believe are pertinent to my question, I have:

  • (this appeared after I created the forward above, I didn't enter the IP...which I think makes sense)
    • Name: @
    • Value:
    • Name:
    • Value:
    • Name: www
    • Value: @


When I type in or it correctly routes to my website at However, the url in the browser bar changes from the url that I entered to 


What do I need to create/update in terms of forwarding, CNAMEs, and/or something else in order to get the domain to always appear in the browser url bar as visitors are browsing the site?

e.g. 1: Visitors enters, they land on our homepage and url still says

e.g. 2: Visitor is on homepage and navigates to the Donate tab, url changes to


Thank you in advance for your help!



Re: Forwarding and CNAME setup, but URL doesn't Stay as Purchased Domain

Hi @angelg,


Welcome to the Community!

It sounds as if you wish for your forwarding command to be masked (so that your URL continues to show in the address bar). Not all website providers allow for masking domains to their websites, so you may want to find that out from the provider. The instructions here will give you more information on forwarding and masking your domain name to this site. 



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