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Forwarding/ redirection not working for individual posts

Hello, I changed domain from to and set up forwarding with godaddy. Now when anyone types in it forwards to just fine.


But when someone types in it takes forever and then goes to a 'destination unknown' page.


When someone tries to go to it immediately goes to the 'destination unknown' page. That page looks like this:


Screenshot (42).png


If you click the blue button it does forward you to the new site, but only to the home page.


I now have 100's of pins on pinterest and links around the web to my blog posts going to broken pages!!


How do I fix this?

Former Employee

since the domain that you are forwarding is not actually found on the hosting, you will not be able to go to the direct path of the post using that domain. You would need to actually assign the domain that you're forwarding on the website's hosting.

Community Manager

Hi @meinuk. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! What you're dealing with is actually a limitation of our forwarding service. It does not pass the path of the old URL on to the new URL. There is another thread about this here. As mentioned there, this is something our developers are working to change. 


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