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GoDaddy is Not Revealing the Domain Age

Hi guys! So, i have found myself in a little situation and would love to have your help.The thing is that i purchased an Expired 11yo Domain via GoDaddy Auctions. When it finally arrived after a week, i thought of checking its age and to my surprise, the Age bar was blank.


I became a little worried and then thought of checking out different websites which lets you determine the domain age and on every site, it stated that the domain name was registered in 2006 and is 11 Years old.


So, my question is that why the Age of the domain is not being revealed on GoDaddy? Why is the Age Bar blank when clearly the domain i bought is 11 years old? Please help me out, i would really appreciate it. 

Former Employee

Greetings @Ali12 ,


Interesting question, but what is different here is the listing is not a WHOIS, it is an offering. It is likely that if you had gone to the GoDaddy WHOIS the data would have been there, as well.


Further, it will be there when the transaction is completed.

It's apparent you were doing due diligence and researching all the data, even that which was not listed to make good purchases.


I would view it as a purchasing edge, not an omission. The data is out there.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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@T-3D Thanks a lot for the reply. I know the data is there and the interested buyers can check it out via Whois but still, it kinda looks convincing if the age is mentioned in the Domain Age section. I mean, most buyers here on GoDaddy Auctions are more interested in finding the information available to them instead of doing their own research. I too purchased this domain by looking at its age and traffic from the respective fields.


So, i am still confused as to why the age section is blank when i have listed the domain for auction. Is there any way to reveal it?