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Godaddy's Domain pointing to Heroku , how?



It's my first MEAN Stack app, but I can't point the domain I've go in godaddy to heroku.


The only way I could is using "Forwarding".

But then the url stays static ( when you're in is the url is allways


See the picture the url should be 



Note that if I hover a link it says the heroku's address not the domains one. That has to be fixed as well.

Advocate VII

Hi @Despertaweb,


Heroku, like many similar platforms has its own way of handling DNS related settings.  You might want to use their service:


I've use a similar service on other hosting platforms and it saves a ton of time so I don't have to do manual configurations, etc.


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

@JMPepper thanx!  But it's under payment, 15$/month !!


I'm just starting as a Freelance, and right now I can't effort heroku's hosting, cloudinary's hosting + pointdns! 


I realized that developing in MEAN Stack it's SO EXPENSIVE....  It was far way cheaper in LAMP ( I hate Lamp).


Is there another way for free?


Thanx again 😉