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I can't verify email

The domain is transferred from NameBright to Godaddy
I can't verify email
Because that's information about NameBright's privacy protection
What should I do?


HI @smae


Thank you for you post. In order to verify the email you will first want to update the contact information on your domain to valid information. Below I have included links to help articles to guide you through the process and explain what action will need to be taken. The entire process should be rather quick.


Change domain contact information

New ICANN Registrant update requirements

Verifying Contact Information for ICANN Validation


Hope this helps!


I didn't get help


I didn't cancel privacy protection。

Domain name e-mail is e-mail for privacy protection

I can't get into that e-mail

All that I can't verify that email address


In addition, the re sent button has stopped working

You have contact updates awaiting approval. View now We've emailed approval requests to: All Emails must be verified before changes take effect., I can't verify it

Hi @smae


Thank you for the response. You may use the main contact address on your account in place of the address that you do not have access with to approve the changes.


For example:

if the following is true:

 Account contact address is:

Updated domain email is:

And existing email on domain before update is:


You may use use and to approve the update without approving through


More information may be found here:


New ICANN Registrant update requirements

"When you update your Registrant info on a domain, this new process sends an email to the shopper email address, the existing email address being replaced, and the new email address for the Registrant contact. Either the shopper or the existing registrant email address AND the new registrant email address are required to approve the update. If these email addresses are the same, only one email and approval will be required."


Best Wishes!


the resent button has stopped working,,

I can't resend my e-mail through it

Hi @smae


If you have updated the email on the domain to the same as the address on the account there is a good chance by doing that you have provided verification for the domain and account email and will not need further actions. To know if the domain is verified look at the status of the domain. If the domain status is "Active" this means the domain has been updated and the email has been verified. 


At any point if you would like clarification of the domain status or assistance with the approvals please contact our customer support line at a time of your convenience.


Best Wishes!


I think you have just to update e-mail address through (My Products > Domains > Manage > Contact Information > Edit) edit domain info, and just change the e-mail address. Don't forget to save Smiley Happy