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I have Auto Renew turned on, but my domains still expire. What am I doing wrong?

I have set Auto Renew ON. However, my domains are expiring. Why is this happening?

I followed the instructions for Auto Renew in January and assumed that I wouldn't need to worry about the domain anymore. The Domain shows Auto Renew is On:


I checked other domains and I get the same bug occurring:


What am I doing wrong?


Super User I



Is your payment information up to date and current?  Can't renew with invalid/outdated credit card info.


Also check that your email address is up to date so that you get the system renewal notices -- and whitelist GoDaddy to make sure you get those notices.   GD will send you a bunch of alerts/warnings before a domain officially expires providing you many opportunities to go in and check your info and manually renew if necessary.


HTH! 😉

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