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International Domain name.

Getting emails from a Chinese domain registration who want to use my domain name internationally.

My domain is only registered as .com & .net with Go Daddy. How do I respond? Please see attached.



Thanks for your confirmation. As soon as receiving the registration request of aforesaid company's, we reviewed and found " ixxxxxxxx " is your company's registered name. But you have not registered the name as international trademark and these domains names(.asia/.cn/ These similar domain names and international trademarks will cause confusion. So we inform you also that's reason why we sent email to you.


To avoid this conflict that we have suggested they should choose another name but they insist on the international trademark and those domains. You should also know that international trademark and domains registration is open in China. Any companies or individuals have rights to register available international trademark and domains. For this reason them is also licit applicant and we have no right to reject them. You only have the preferential rights to register the international trademark and these domain names.

In addition, as the preferential rights owner, we need your opinion. If you want to use your priority register the international trademark and these domainse, please inform us in time. Then we'll inform you the priority registration information. If you don't think this registration will affect your company internationally. You also can give up the priority. Then we can finish register for our mentioned company in the original email as per our duty. Please confirm.
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Re: International Domain name.

This looks like a common scam.  I would not reply to the sender, but if you do need these domains go thru a registrar of your choice.


Re: International Domain name.

Thanks Nate