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Just paid for 12 more months of GoDaddy domain names. is completely down.

Not sure why the entire site, API within site, etc. was taken down/is not displaying. I won't be paying to have it rebuilt because godaddy deleted everything. I will be cancelling all payments to GoDaddy unless this is fixed.

Advocate VII

Hi @homemaide,

Really understand you on this one!  By chance, had either the domain name or the hosting actually expired before renewing?  Did you have any backups of the files/db for the site?  Depending on exactly why GoDaddy the account was interrupted will determine how hard it will be to get it back online.


I've let hosting plans run out accidentally and had similar issues.  I'll be glad to do what I can to help you after you find out what's going on.


Hope this helps,




Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

It looks to me that you renewed the domain yesterday.

I just checked and there is now a live website at Homemaide.Com  - it looks like all is now good.