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Missing Authorize transfer option

Hello there,


I was trasnferring a domain from another registrar to GoDaddy. I found this page which suggests that I should see an option Authorize transfer. from Step 5 but which is missing in my case.


How can I solve this? I see only this!AuupD175LCtVg7hC1BbPMJgffNUWlA





I have the same issue, the transfer process is flawed

There is no place to enter the authorization token, even though I already have entered it in the initial transfer process

Hi @mmigbd and @Amien

If you purchased a domain after 5/16/17, all you need to do to authorize a transfer-in is click on the Approve button in the email sent to the administrative contact's (admin) email address (or registrant contact's email for .au domains). So if the option to authorize the transfer is not there, check your email to approve it.

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I have the same issue, there is no "Approve" button in the email. Is there a link to the page this button is supposed to load?

The approve button doesn't exist in the email as MANY has pointed out. Is there a direct link?