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Nameservers/ Domain/ Poor Support Access

First of all, I'd like to express my utmost frustration to my access to your customer service. You provide us phone numbers that I have to be charged to call you. You provide chat support to other countries, US in particular but not to the Philippines. What is up with that? I know your Customer Support is in the Philippines, at least the ones that I have chat with before. I was able to get to your chat support a few times by using VPN, but that does not always work! F@#&*(! I'm extremely extremely frustrated!


My problem: I have a domain registered in another account with godaddy. I want to host it using my godaddy hosting account. I tried the nameservers that chat support provided me and 2 days it has not changed and still shows default name servers on the account of the domain. Now I don't know what nameserver to use and can't reach your PAID customer support! Thanks for nothing. I apologize in advance if I'm in the wrong thread or if godaddy people won't read this. Whatever, good product bad service! @#%$




Re: Nameservers/ Domain/ Poor Support Access

Hi @djma777,


I'm sorry to hear that you're frustrated. Our live chat should be available Monday through Friday from 5am - 6pm Arizona time, USA on the English version of our Help page You can change to the US version of our site by clicking on the globe on the top left of our site. 


You should be able to find the nameservers your domain needs following the steps in this guide. If you confirm that the nameservers are correct and it has exceeded more than 48 hours you'll need to contact live support.



Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Re: Nameservers/ Domain/ Poor Support Access

I was able to solve my problem myself. I spoke with one of you chat supports before and game me the wrong resolution. So I tried something different and solved the problem.


Thank you for the instructions on how to reach your chat support, that I appreciate!