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Only able to access Wordpress admin page via temporary domain

Hey everyone. When I try to add/edit a post on my domain, I have to use the "" copy of the website to gain access to Wordpress Administrator page. Otherwise, I cannot enter the area. In the forwarding area of  GoDaddy domain management, my URL, "ascprofile," is stated to forward to the "myftupload" URL.


What's going on? How can I get this back to normal? I cannot recall how or why these changes were made. 

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Re: Only able to access Wordpress admin page via temporary domain



Forwarding a domain to a WordPress installation is just forwarding.  The domain will display your website but it does not reside on that install or server.


You need to do two things....


1. Confirm the DNS nameservers are what they should be for your server/install.


2. Once that is complete, login to your WordPress dashboard and change from your temporary domain to your domain name in WordPress (Settings > General: WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address URL).


Once you do that the domain will reside on your server and that install and you can then login to the dashboard using your domain.


You'll also want to check and change any URLs within the site content from the temp to the active domain as well.


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