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Primary domain

Hi friends,


I have a primary domain name as say, and I dont wish to renew this domain name this year. Under my parent domain I have around 60+ websites hosted, which have individual domain names.
I understand that this being a primary domain name, it may be connected to multiple different items.
My question for you:
1) I have a website (temporary) example, I understand it will stop functioning after my domain name has expired. My question is- What is the IP address/xyz I can use to see this website still after my domain has expired.
2)  If I dont renew this domain name what else do I lose out on?
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Hi @deeps761,


So the temp site 'info/xyz' is a subdomain of main domain? If you expire main domain 'info/xyz' will go into the void..... disappear, as it is dependant on the IP address of main domain! I would make full backups or pay for main domain.


Any subdomain (child) is dependant on it's main domain (parent). You can't access it without the IP address of the parent domain. 

So if you are using a trial for example and you let the trial expire, the only way you can save your subdomain is to make backups and then register a new domain, get hosting, upload saved files. Also they type of files will dictate future hosting choices. Gocentral will need Gocentral, Wordpress will need Wordpress.