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Problem With AdSense on Google site

Hey guys, today i bought my first domain. I am in blogging for a bit more then 2 years and the blog platform i am using is Blogger. As already say today i bought my first domain so my blog seams a bit more professional. The thing is that before i redirected my traffic from blogger to Godaddy i was not have any problems showing the Ads. But today when i moved to godaddy domain my Ads are not showing anymore even tho my site is already active on godaddy. The question is, does it take time until the Ads are shown or there is something i need to do so i could see Ads on my side one more time ? Here is the screenshot of my page, the Ads should be showed between Logo and Main Menu and also between Main Menu and Featured Posts.

Here is also a link to my site:

Thanks for your help !

screen shot.jpg

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Re: Problem With AdSense on Google site

Hello @TheRoadOfLove and thank you for reaching out to the community. 


I wonder if you need to go back into the Google ADsense dashboard in Google and re-register your site to the new domain?!

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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Re: Problem With AdSense on Google site

hey thank you @davisdre317 for your answer the thing is that i have actually 2 problems, the first one is that i cannot reach my domain without not typing www. Also my domain is reachable only when i type it  when i type it without www i get a 404 google error. Maybe thats the reason why my adsense is not working. The thing is that my blogpost page already support adsense and she is showing ads. Now because i am using only to redirect my traffic from blogspot to domain my ads do not work. The thing is that when i registered the to adsense i get the message that i need to paste adsense code on my domain. Should it not already be pasted because i am only redirecting traffic to the domain which is on godaddy.  Also if you look at the picture of my sites which i attached you will see that is already ready and its in use. And now is redirecting to, so should my ads not automaticaly be active on the domain because they are already in use on blogspot ? and if not how can  i make it ? Thanks for your help.Untitled3.jpg



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Re: Problem With AdSense on Google site

Hi @TheRoadOfLove 


Since your site only works with "www" then try registering


You may need to reenter the script.


It will probably take a few days before adsense approves your site.


Re: Problem With AdSense on Google site

will see, i solve the problem about the www thing trough the forwarding option in domain manager, now i just need to see if the google is going to accept it.  Hope so everything is going to be ok, i will write back the results !

Re: Problem With AdSense on Google site

it doesnt work, i tried today with the and i cant even submit approval application because the form of the site need to be also that means

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Re: Problem With AdSense on Google site

@TheRoadOfLove forwarding the url wont do.


You can register adsense using either of these:

This will work. I already tested it. See screenshots below.

TIP: make sure not to include spaces. I suspect the reason it didn't work for you is because of hidden spaces.