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Questions about how it works

Hello, I am interested in registering a domain on GoDaddy. I have some questions about it though.


1. Do I, on my own computer, host my own website and forward it to GoDaddy?


2. If I do host it on GoDaddy and not my computer, what "systems" does it support. (For example node.js)


3. Would I be able to use another mail service, IE Google Mail for business, on my GoDaddy website.

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Hi @Saddy,


To be brutally honest, if you have to ask those questions then you really should not try and host your own website. Best go for hosting with Godaddy!!


Yes you can link in to your google mail with an IMAP mail account, but.... gmail is a pain in the **** to be honest!! You would be better off with Outlook!


You can run javascript in your websites but unless you chose a VPS or dedicated server, you will not be able to alter any server functionality directly (you can only enable processes that are in standby) Stands to reason on a shared server.......


You really should chat with support: