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Route my naked domain traffic to cloudfront

My domain DNS configs are on goDaddy, for hosting I use RaidHost. I want to rout Traffic to an Amazon CloudFront web distribution by using my domain name. For doing that I need my naked domain( to point to domain name assigned by the CloudFront (such as, and a subdomain( referring to my raid host IP(A record). I need that subdomain to use it in the cloudfront configs. So is it possible to do this from my DNS manage configs? Could you explain how can I solve this problem please.


Hi @Chanan1, thanks for posting.

The root or base domain name cannot have a CNAME associated with it. The "@" record can only point to an IP address. Commonly, people will point the "WWW" CNAME record to the necessary address. You may want to consult with your provider to see if they have further recommendations.


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