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Setting DNS record for subdomain

 I am trying to set DNS record described for maligun configuration. After following their instructions i am getting error.


GoDaddy DNS record page doesn't allow to enter host name as and allows to enter only "mail".


is this an issue? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Setting DNS record for subdomain

Hi @ashishn. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 

In the case of the two TXT records you need to set, you would use the following in the "host" field:

  • mail
  • mailo._domainkey.mail

You wouldn't want to put your entire domain in the host field. For the MX records, you'll just want to replace any existing records you have using "@" as the host and the specified records in the "points to" field. For more information on managing DNS records, please see this article


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Re: Setting DNS record for subdomain

Thanks JesseW,


It got resolved. I don't whether that was because i deleted forwarding settings that i did or DNS records reflecting resolved it