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Transfer domain from Godaddy hosting to a new godaddy hosting



I'm trying to transfer my domain from godaddy hosting to a new godaddy hosting that is on the same account and I'm getting this error.


"(XID scv7je) A DNS entry for “” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed. "


I've already remove that domain from the old hosting and still getting the error.


Please help.




Hi @weeeeeeeeeeeeee, thanks for posting.

After you remove a domain from a hosting plan it might take 24-48 hours for it to become available for setup on another hosting service.

If you're still having trouble, I suggest calling Support so that they can investigate your account in detail. They can be reached through any of the numbers on this page:


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status