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Transferring a Domain from a GoDaddy Reseller to your godaddy main account.



I'd like to transfer a domain my client bought through my godaddy reseller to my godaddy main account. I have tried using the same steps with transfering a domain from godaddy to godaddy ( another account ) but upon entering my main account's ID, it's not being recognised as a valid ID.


I have tried as well transferring it through email, but when I receive the code, and I add it to my main godaddy acount, it's not valid as well. Is there any other way to go about this? 


Would appreciate some help. Thank you.


Best Regards

Former Employee

Hello there @xd and thanks for asking. A domain move between accounts is an account change, but from a reseller to GoDaddy is a transfer that goes through the Registry. The latter must follow all the rules a transfer would from any other registrar.


This should clarify the differences and processes:

I hope that helps,

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I am seeking to do the same type of transfer.


Not sure if the OP had the same issue but I've attempted a traditional transfer per your recommendation and the 'Transfer Domain' page indicates "Domain is already registered here." and you cannot proceed.

Hey @wwwired,


What you're describing sounds more like a change of account request between two GoDaddy customer accounts; especially if the domain is already registered here as the error indicates. In which case, that's a different process where the current account holder needs to initiate the change through the steps here


Once the change request has been started, the new account holder should be able to accept the request


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