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Using Godaddy for DNS secondaries

I am having some problems getting my secondary DNS setup. Everything is working, if I create a test record on the primary it sends a notification to the godaddy AXFR servers and they pull the information from my primary and I can see that information populates in the DNS portal on the godaddy page. The one missing piece of information is what godaddy servers do I need to use/advertise and my secondaries. I tried to use and as the nameserver records but when I use nslookup and point to those servers and try to perform a query on one of my domains it fails. In all the godaddy documentation I never see a place where it specifically states which godaddy name servers I should use as my secondaries. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I suggest following these steps


I believe when you turn on the secondary dns it should give you the information you are looking for.


When you look at the DNS record - although it is read only I am guessing that it should show some name servers in there.


I've never used GoDaddy as the secondary so I'm not 100% sure on this

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Thanks but that is the link I already had.  I didn't see any secondary servers listed when I setup dns services with godaddy.

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Hey @Admin_Computer

Sounds like you've followed all the steps for Secondary DNS setup with GoDaddy as the secondary. The GoDaddy nameservers should show up in your DNS zone file as @PL281 mentioned. If you don't see any there, as you mentioned in your comment, you should contact support to find out what they are.

I'm not sure if I'm correctly understanding what you need them for, but if you want to add both your primary nameservers and the GoDaddy secondaries as your nameserver, you'd need support to do that as well. 

If you're still working on this, you can give our 24hr number a call and get some help.




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Thanks for the reply @ablake Angela,  My primary DNS servers zone file gets transferred to godaddy to function as secondaries why would my zone file inherently contain the godaddy ns entries for the zone.....they wouldn't.  If I don't use the correct godaddy servers in my zone file then people trying to use those servers as a backup won't be able to contact them if they are not authoritative for my zones......does that make sense?

Hey @Admin_Computer

I think I'm probably miscommunicating via oversimplification ... or by making too many assumptions.

To clarify, the setup I usually see with GoDaddy as secondary has a secondary zone file at GoDaddy, which should show the secondary nameservers. Of course, it's been a few years since I last dealt with secondary DNS, so I can't be sure what it looks like these days without having an example to view.

If that's not your setup, or you still can't find the secondary nameservers anywhere in your domain settings at GoDaddy, I recommend calling in to support to look them up for you.


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