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Website Wont Stick To Google Business Listing

Hi guys, my website won't stick to my google business listing. Everytime i edit it Google says they will review it, but it never sticks. They told me they see me trying to add it a number of times but it keeps getting rejected. I talked to someone on the phone at Google about it and they said the reason is because the site isn't "quoted"? I think thats what he said, he had an accent so I don't know if I caught that correctly.. has anyone had a problem like this before?

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I'm wondering if he said "quality" because I have never heard "quoted" as a reason for rejection? To my experience you should provide as much accurate information as you can for all online listing services. I can't say what your actual listing issue would be without seeing the information you submitted but I have seen rejections from inconsistent information, addresses that don't mesh with Google Maps, business name verification, improper category, duplicate listings, description... and the list goes on. Unfortunately if you are relying solely on Google then the only way to really get to the bottom of that is to speak to them. I KNOW that contacting them and getting the correct information can be a bit to deal with.


Not to push you into any particular direction but I can tell you the issue you are dealing with is one of the several reason I gave Locu a try. Depending on your need you might also want to look at GoDaddy Locu. I've been writing about my experience with Locu in the post GoDaddy Locu For Getting Found Online. Hope that helps?

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