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Where is my domains ? Appeal!

I bought a domain form godaddy at Apr.26.2017. I pay it by alipay. But Now it not is in my account, Why? What happened? my domain: my pay info: customer#: 155109422 order#: 1125048365(CNY) alipay order#: 2017042621001003790227849914 If you confiscate my domain, return my money, please!
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usually the only reason that a service would be revoked is because a payment transaction has not gone through, or has been cancelled. This is something that internet fraudsters will sometimes try. They pay for a service (to get purchase order numbers) then use the credit card call back method to get a refund from their credit card company or bank, then demand a refund as they know nothing about a call back. Often coupled with indignation and a demand of a refund or services reinstated (for free). 

Before any refund would be given, support would check the transaction history as well as any other possible reasons for a service being stopped. 

I therefore suggest you get in touch with support. Although I do not suggest this is what is going on, to be fair and professional, godaddy support must check the facts. 

So speaking with them is the surest way to sort this out. 

Not by posting here because nobody here can help you, 😐 sorry!

Can you tell me godaddy's email ?
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Hi @shawge_ku,

You can either contact support through live chat Mon ~ Fri Arizona USA Local time 5am ~ 6pm

or by phone 24/7

There may be a wait at busy times.


A list of phone numbers is here: