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i can't change the DNS for a transferred domain

i have transfer a domain from a HostGator account to GoDaddy, now the domain is in my account, but i cant change the contact info or the dns !!
i am getting this message
" Please verify your email address before a temporary hold is placed on this domain. Verify email address. "
but the email that the domain is register with belong to the old owner?
i do have a message in my inbox from godaddy that take me directly to a page that ask me to provide the new dns setting, but it doesn't work!! when i add the two dns codes, i can't click the save button cause it's disable!!
what should i do?


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Has your domain that you transferred over completed? If so, you should be able to edit the contact information on the 'domain settings' page under 'contact information' area. Once you update the contact information, you will receive an email to confirm and verify. Just click on the link and it will remove the lock/hold.

Hi, I have the same problem and am just wondering what the timeframe is to unlock the DNS?

In my domain manager it showed the same message quoted in the original email, I have updated the contact details but it now has this message:


"You have contact updates awaiting approval. View now
We've emailed approval requests to:
  • **old owners email address**
  • **my email address**
All emails must be verified before changes take effect."

I have approved it on my end, but this makes it seem like the old owner has to as well. I presume he will not need to login to approve the changes, correct? It will just be a one-button approval? And then how long does it normally take for me to update the DNS?

Thanks for your help




Hi @angigann


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Upon updating the registrant email address, you now receive THREE emails:
1. email is sent to the old address =
2. email is sent to the new address =
3. email is sent to the account address =


You need to approve TWO of these. If #2 and #3 are to the same address, you only need to approve one. So the old address does not need approval as long as you approve the emails sent to the new email address and your email address on the account. Once done, the domain becomes active and ready for DNS updates within minutes.



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