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i can't find my expired host and domain and can't renew it.

my host and domain expired on 9-2-2017 ,today i was going to renew it ,so i opened my account and shocked that i can't even see the domain or the host in the renewal tab!. and did i lose my data on the host!? what should i do?!

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Hi @MAhmoudToBe,

Yes, after that amount of time it's most likely you have lost all of your data as well as your site. 

Backups are an essential and necessary job for any website owner or designer and goes hand in hand with site maintenance.

There is unlikely anything you can do except rebuild your site. 

After being GDs biggest fan, I swear Tech Support+CSU+Sales seems like "Under NEW Management!  The CSRs seem to "find" reasons, excuses & "policies" to increase fees.  Has anyone else felt or found this to be the case?  Here's why I'm saying this.  My cc failed to renew hosting 12/31 & out country til I call GD 1/26 to fix.  CSR says pay $60 host fees, fixed!  But since site down 3weeks I said I wanted to think, plan, announce SOMETHING NEW wIth re-host & I would call back in few days unless that plan would cause me problem with site or GD.  1/27 GD terminated my site+coding on the next day, but I'm not told Til 1/31 when I call back. Then I'm told GD keeps all site-code & can easy restore for 30 days. but "now will cost" $250 for them to "attempt to restore & host." That was on 31st day!  With Archive websites like still now, yesterday & everyday still hosting my exact same site, how hard can restoring be?  Plus, I have FULL BACK UP HERE WITH ME. None of 3 GD CSR's asked or said that would fix the problem but after reading here, that should, right? Other options (best option, other than moving to any of the cheaper or free hosting companies??) & have you too noticed a change in CSR's? Sincerely, Tim