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remove dns only (hosting) on domain manager

how to remove dns only (hosting) on domain manager

Former Employee

It sounds like you want to remove a DNS record. This should help:


That does not work, and help document is not up to date.

I can not find a way to remove orphan DNS Only (hosting) record in domain manager.

We have the same issue with our account. There is no way to remove orphaned DNS Only (Hosting) from the list. how should this be done?

Same here, I need to remove the selected in red and Don't know how.

Also.... is not possible to add a picture here, I want to add this screenshot:



Me also, i need to delete a old "DNS Only (Hosting)" so i guess its not possible?

@Mr-D @ianck @TomasAzist @viralin2ition @SamZhang


Hi folks!


Thank you for posting. This record can be removed but will require a contact to our support team. Please reach out to them as soon as you can to have them remove that listing. Thanks!

Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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