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Cpanel Workspace Email not working

I can access my workspace e-mail and see my messages there. However, I cannot send and receive message using my cpanel email (exact name as workspace email). I thought its because I added my website on the cloudflare website. Therefore, I deleted my website on cloudflare to have my server directly pointing on the godaddy server. I still don't know why but my cpanel e-mail is empty. If I add the email on my iphone email app or microsoft outlook (phone or web app), it doesn't work. Only my workspace e-mail works, so can anyone please help me. Thank you!


Re: Cpanel E-mail not working

Hi @cclores

You cannot use two different email platforms with the same domain name. You can either continue to use webmail, or switch to cPanel email which involves you editing your domain's MX records. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Cpanel E-mail not working

Okay I exported workspace's mailbox and deleted it. I have this for MX and it doesn't work.


MX @ (Priority: 0) 1 Hour

MX @ (Priority: 10) 1 hour

Re: Cpanel E-mail not working

Hi! So I reset the DNS setting to default according to this :


I was able to gain back my website but I still cannot receive my emails.


I can send email to my cpanel email but I cannot see it at all.

Re: Cpanel E-mail not working

I have exactly the same issue. Godaddy says they dont support cpanel email and asking me to buy office365.. not sure what to do here. Any help from this community is highly appreciated..

Re: Cpanel Workspace Email not working

Hello Guys 

i got the same problem and resolved please use the following details below for Macbook or iPhone 

POP (Incoming Mail Server)


SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)


hope it is helpful for you