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Domain Name Query

I am a relatively new user here and have a simple query;


Under my product list I don't see any domain however, I had purchased a domain earlier but i don't see it now under the domain list. Furthermore, while adding new email accounts i am unable to get them activated as error is being displayed that PENDING SETUP: VALIDATING MX RECORDS. need urgent help

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Hi @sameermir,


it it takes a little while for the servers to propagate. Usually by the time I perform a check, it's up. Please try again and if you still can't see it a few hours after purchasing it, contact support. 

Hello @Retired


The problem is not with propagating the domain name. I am facing issues with sending, receiving and creation of email addresses. Since under my products I don't see any domain name but long time back i have purchased one.


Now whenever I send email from other accounts it says DOMAIN NOT FOUND


While creating an account it allows me to create but alter is given stating SETUP PENDING: VALIDATING MX RECORD.


When i try to check the MX settings through the process defined it says NO MX SETTINGS FOUND


I have a question if the domain that i used to have is not visible under the products (may be removed due to non renewal) will the email work?