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I can receive email from one email domain but not send back.

1. One domain name exampleA.comm was operating fine on our VPS servers with Godaddy i.e. 
2. We subscribed to Gsuite (Google) and the only email set up and working prior to transferring to Gsuite was 

3. Under Gsuite, we set up additional emails  and 

4. On our VPS server we have another domain name  i.e. with email (on Outlook 365 Desktop)

5. If I send an email from to email arrives.

6. When I reply from to; does NOT receive

We don't get any bounce-back errors. 

7. How can I check where the emails are going to when sending from (Outlook 365 Desktop) to

I looked from the email headers from my sent email (Outlook 365 desktop), they're empty.

8. On my desktop, is configured with POP with the incoming server as and for SMTP 

Server ports for incoming POP3 is 995 and for outgoing SMTP is 465
9. We can receive emails sent to from any email address worldwide except emails on our VPS i.e.

10. We have spent hours with Godaddy Support to no avail except they want to sell a managed server subscription for a minimum 1-year contract at USD 3,000. Out of the 5 sessions we had with godaddy support, email and hosting dept. All agents had different theories one even made changes to the DNS files for the domain name as seen below:

TXT@v=spf1 a mx ptr -all1 HourEdit
 I don't see the relation and it didn't work (Priority: 0)1 Hour
11. Prior to switching to Gsuite everything was working fine 
                Your support would be appreciated. Thank you