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Signing In

I don't see a search for topics so sorry if this has been discussed already, but why does GoDaddy have a "Keep Me Signed In" option if it doesn't work? I have to sign in multiple times in a single day, and I mean a dozen or more!! I have one account, but multiple web sites and emails. It's not signing me out when I change to and/or manage a different email account, but every time I open to a new 'Product' like Email, Hosting, Email Marketing or whatever I have to sign in again. Even if I leave that product open in a separate tab, when I go back to it after too long a period it is frozen. No message or pop up when I try to edit, I just have to close the tab and start all over again.  It's  PAIN IN THE A@#!!!!

Getting Started
Getting Started

I agree @Aurora.

I save the username and password with the browser so that browser automatically fills it in.

I just have to click sign in and don't have to enter the username and password each time.


Nothing new but hope it helps, if you are not doing so already. Smiley Happy

Thanks for the reply, yes, have auto fill as well but still a pain. I just don't understand why the option to stay signed in doesn't work. That feature with Yahoo email works, as a matter of fact so will my GoDaddy site based emails accounts. It's just when I switch from one Product on the GoDaddy Dashboard to another.

Ha! Made me sign again to send my response!

I have called Godaddy 2x about this and both times they told me it was my browsers fault.
When I told them I use 20 programs and chrome and firefox remembers everyone but godaddy
they told me ..clear the cache.
I did and the whole thing started again. I just want to go to my office 365
and I have to sign into godaddy every time. I have keep signed in checked
and it doesn't work


They must know that this is happening. I have seen probably 100 or more
posts about this problem. I wonder why they are not addressing this issue.
Yes I also had to sign in ( after being signed in) once again to reply.

I finally came up with a solution to signing into office 365 without having to sign in to GODADDY. It's quite easy! 
Once you get in to office 365 , go to the search bar and drag the URL to "other bookmarks"
( using Chrome) and that's it. I no longer have to sign in to my mail through the Godaddy sign in, it opens my office directly. Whewwwww , I wonder why no tech at godaddy could give this 
super simple method. 



GoDaddy will not solve this but I found a way. I deleted the shortcut I was using in firefox. I deleted all the saved UN & PW from settings in firefox for the godaddy login. I created a new shortcut from any page past the sign in for godaddy (after I log in). Now it's working!