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There is no option to downgrade the Email 365 5-pack plan?

That means we get five email addresses at $6.95 each a month, even if we only want one? The bill this time was $342.54 for this "service" when the previous plan was $184.23. That's an 86 percent increase in cost with no perceivable benefits to the end user, or at least not even close to 86 percent-worth.


I would like a clear answer on this, and an option to downgrade. I didn't want the upgrade in the first place, nor the huge cost increase. Happy to get the ACCC involved to clear up this nonsense, as getting no response from Customer Service or answers to queries about this isn't acceptable.


Hi @Jus_dee,


Welcome to the Community! 

Were you able to get the issue resolved in your account? As the volunteers in this Community forum are not able to access your account and see the purchased plan or billing, you'll need to contact GoDaddy Customer Care to review and advise you of your options. The guides will also be able to provide a refund on any eligible products as a result of account access. 






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