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Want to discard my office 365 account

My Office 365 account (which I got for fee with my go daddy web-builder account - Deluxe Managed WordPress Websites) has expired. I no longer want to renew the e-mail account paying approximately 98 dollars when i can have an account for free. How to get back all the mails that I have in my inbox and sent items (presently, I am not able to access my e-mails), and enable automatic forwarding of all the mails coming to my (Office 365) inbox to a different account (outlook). Thanks in advance for the help.

Community Team
Community Team

If the email account has expired, and you did not manually backup the emails, you would no longer have access to the server to retrieve the content.  As this is a time sensitive matter, you'll want to contact GoDaddy live support as soon as possible to see if you are able to recover any of the content.  Once you're speaking to a support agent, you can discuss options for setting up a different type of email plan:



I lost all my previous mails as they expressed inability to recover them without renewal. I have purchased a business e-mail, which doesn't have the option of creating aliases. What to do, have to bear all these. Thanks for your reply.