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Work Space Admin Hacked

My web designer previously hacked my website and took control of my domains. I went through a long process with GoDaddy and after proving ownership and a long process GoDaddy gave me back domain registrant authority. 

After going into my new GoDaddy account and receiving my domain turns out the Workspace Email accounts did not transfer over along with the domains. 

Question: How do I go about securing the admin authority to the email accounts when they are listed with my previous noncooperating contractee? 

Thank you. 

Super User II

You would need to contact support directly to resolve the cross account email issue.


But I do want to point out for the future if you need to give access to your Go Daddy products, you can do so without giving access to your Go Daddy account.  With Delegate Access you can give permissions for them to use their own Go Daddy account.