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Workspace Email: remote mail filtering?

Can filter rules be created which will be applied to remote mail and/or folders other than 'Inbox'? I can create the proper rule(s), but upon saving the rule(s) I noticed the 'successfully saved' message made reference to the rule's having been applied to 'INBOX', and subsequent messages which should be managed by the filter are not affected, which I assume is because they are not sent to the inbox folder.


I suppose the alternative would be to edit remote mail settings and deliver all to the inbox, and then filter all from that location.

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Workspace Email: remote mail filtering?

Hello @FatrCat

From what I know, the email filters can be created in the recipient's email.
The sender cannot determine where the e-mail will be received.
I hope this helps you.

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Re: Workspace Email: remote mail filtering?

Thanks for trying, Adrian8, but the issue is a bit different. Perhaps I may have been able to explain a little better than I did, and will try and clarify as follows:

In using the Remote eMail option to import/download email from another server, you can designate what folder mail from a specific server is delivered to. What I am trying to do is apply a filter which acts to divide the imported mail from one import location so that it is delivered into multiple folders.


I have since noted that Remote eMail settings includes an option of "Filter Spam and Apply Delivery Rules", which I have now checked/enabled, and am hoping that this will be the solution.


Re: Workspace Email: remote mail filtering?

UPDATE: I can now say that enabling the "Filter Spam and Apply Delivery Rules" option in the Remote eMail settings was the key, and mail filters are being applied to all email including mail being imported from another server.


Re: Workspace Email: remote mail filtering?

I have been trying to create a rule so that mail sent to is moved into folder "Alias1" and mail sent to is moved into folder "Alias2". Outlook does not appear to differentiate between the aliases. Is this what the writer is describing? 


Re: Workspace Email: remote mail filtering?

Hello All,


Relating to remote email account, may I ask anyone who know, what is the server for email account using


I have had a long tele-conversation with a technical support staff from Go Daddy but to no use, including using server with POP3 over SSL.


Greatly appreciate any one who is using Workspace Webmail to retrieving emails from their hotmail account or who can provide a solution with this matter.


With best regards,