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Removing ".html" from the URL - What are the negatives in doing this?

I had to move my entire website from Adobe Muse to GoDaddy due to the fact that Adobe is discontinuing Muse.  It has NOT been a flawless transfer and GoDaddy support has changed quite a bit in the past few years.  I spoke w/ 4 reps - all 4 were not on the same page.


Here is where I'm nervous about switching to GoDaddy and my question - 


On my last website, if I wanted to remove the ugly ".html" from the URL, I would simply go into Adobe's file manager and remove ".html" from select file names.  For example... could be changed to   It was simple. 


But once I uploaded my website onto GoDaddy Hosting, all of those pages that were intentionally missing the '.html" were being shown a 404.  And many of my website's pages link to other pages in my site that DO NOT have the ".html".  Therefore, almost all of my GoDaddy hosted website was a great big 404.


When I asked 2 of the reps at GoDaddy Hosting how to publish w/out the ".html" - both of them stated they didn't know how to make this change on GoDaddy or if it could even be done.  The last rep stated that he's never been asked that question and put me on hold to research the answer.  After a few minutes, he came back on and told me some coding would be involved then sent me a GoDaddy forum link that supposedly discussed how to do it.  It did not explain how to do it...


BUT - during my holding / waiting period while he researched my question - I think I found my answer.  


In the FILE MANAGER, I simply clicked on the page that I wanted to remove the ".html"...  Right Clicked the file and then clicked "RENAME".  I then removed the ".html" from the name and clicked RENAME FILE.   Presto!!!!   It worked like a champ.


My main question - If 2 GoDaddy employees in webhosting support DID NOT know about this, did I do something wrong?  It seems so simple, but it scares me that I may have messed things up long term since it was so simple (and the fact that the GoDaddy reps didn't tell me or know how to do this).


Can anyone tell me if I did something that I shouldn't have - or if what I did was okay.  I went to a few websites that I know link to a few of my pages (sans .html) and the links work!   Am I good to go or should I expect something awful by doing this in the near future?


Thx for any input!