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How experts can help your business survive COVID-19 - GoDaddy Virtual Meetup

Hello Everyone! We had another great Virtual Meetup this week. This time our presenter was Brandy Lawson of Fieryfx. Brandy is a lover of ridiculous shoes, advocate for the best & highest use of marketing, bringer of clarity and recovering know-it-all. At FieryFX, her marketing & consulting agency, she helps purpose-driven women effectively promote their business and maximize technology to make their impact in the world. Watch the recording below!


Our next Virtual Meetup will occur on Wednesday, April 22nd at 10 am -11 am (Pacific Time). GoDaddy Community member, John Lawson of 3rd Power Outlet, who is one of America’s top 100 small business influencers, will walk you through a proven process to help you navigate the fog and sell more products or services. You can sign up here for the Meetup at



Links from Brandy:

Helpful links from the GoDaddy Garage blog:

JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Hi Jesse! 

It is so great to see these tips and resources from good buddies Brandy and John! Know you can count on me if I can help you with some tips!

I have had such a good relationship with GoDaddy over the years, and appreciate the support you gave to open our Main Street Learning Lab here in Mesa! 

Have a great weekend!