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Learn SEO Basics to Increase Your Website Traffic - GoDaddy Virtual Meetup

A few days ago we hosted Amy Masson of Sumy Designs who shared a super informative presentation on "Learn SEO Basics to Increase Your Website Traffic". Here are a few things that were covered:


  • How to get found in internet searches
  • Latest trends
  • Understanding basic terminology


If you missed the live event with Amy, you can watch it here:




Amy's Links:




A little more about Amy:


Amy is the co-owner of Sumy Designs, LLC, a web design agency based out of Indiana and Texas that works with clients all over the world. They design and build professional websites for businesses and individuals as well as helping them increase their presence through SEO, digital marketing, and more.








Is there a limit to the amount of keywords you can use? Not for the site as a whole, but 1 focus keyword per page or post. So 10 pages, 10 keywords.
Where do you write/add your meta title and description? This is going to depend on your website and will be different for each type of website. WordPress is different than HTML is different than GoDaddy's website builder. Usually there is a designated spot for it.
What impact does the url string have on the keyword search? It's a minor factor in the overall search algorithm, but it helps.
How is Keyphrase Density calculated? Kephrase density is the # of keywords divided by the # of words on the page. So 5 keywords per 100 words is 5% keyphrase density.
What are “backlinks” and how should I think about using them? A backlink is a link from another website back to your website. Backlinks are a big factor in the search algorithm, but you can only ask other sites to link to you. There's no way to do it yourself unless you have a lot of sites. Also, the backlinks need to come from quality sites for them to be useful.
How often should you add content to a blog? Twice a week? Three times? Consistency in blogging is the important part. Figure out a schedule that you can realistically maintain. That might just be once a week or once a month, but it's the consistency that's important.
How do you do SEO for multi-lingual websites? This is a complicated question, and it really depends on how you are making your site multilingual and would take a long time to answer.
Does it matter where the blog content is positioned on your page? No.
Can you have a Google business listing if you don't have a physical location or want to include one due to privacy reasons? Yes.
What is a XML sitemap? Where do you place the XML sitemap and do you have an example? An XML sitemap lists a website’s important pages, making sure Google can find and crawl them all. Usually your SEO plugin will create this for you. It's not something visible on the site, it's a special index just for search engines.
Do blog posts need to follow the 300-word content rule to be effective? Yes. 300 is bare minimum, for blog posts I would shoot for 500 or more.
Can my blog & website be the same thing? Or do I need two different sites? They should be on the same site. You want all the content for your site, both pages and blog posts, to be on the same domain.
Is it true to not change keywords once set ?? or should it be changing as the site is updated and changed? That is not true. You can change your keyword. If you have been shooting for one for a long time and haven't seen any progress, you can reevaluate and consider another one. You should make sure to give it enough time to see progress before you switch. If you switch every month, you likely won't ever see progress.
Can I optimize a page and a blog post for the same keyword? Or is that competing against myself and hurting my chance of coming up in a search? No, that would be competing with yourself. Each page and post should have a unique keyword.
Should you add your Instagram photos to your blogging site to improve SEO - like a photo of the day post? Adding Instgram is great, it adds dynamic photos to your site. Photos by themselves are not really going to be much of a boost for SEO.
Does a video blog count the same as a text one in search and ranking? How to optimize SEO for video? If you don't add a transcript, then a video alone isn't going to be much help. My advice is to use YouTube (the biggest social media platform) load the video there with a good description and a link to your website, then embed the video on your site and include a transcript.

Answered During the Webinar

What tool do you suggest for research to find right the keywords? The tool Amy uses is
What's the difference between "keyword” and "meta tag"? A meta tag is an HMTL element that holds attributes which tell search engines and web browsers about your website. Keywords are words and phrases people search for, which you would use in the meta tag attributes.
Can keyword be hidden on the page - not visible by visitors to the website? yes but that might be considered keyword stuffing and you might be penalized by google for that
What are the character limits for meta titles & descriptions? 60 for title and 150 for text
Can we use google keyword search instead of ??? Yes, Google's keyword tool is similar, and you can use that instead. KWFinder is Amy's preferred tool, and it may be more intuitive to use.
Understanding Alt Text and image name are both important, is there one that's more important than the other? Alt text is more important because it's used for search optimization and accessibility (screen readers).



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