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Any ideas to boost online sales?

I just lauched for my 2700sq ft Shoptique and trying to build online sales. I'm running local TV ads, active on all forms of social media like FB & INSTAGRAM, I'm listed in YELP, google, square marketing, member of the Chamber of commerce, BBB, lots of other local groups and clubs. I have my website on every print. So...anyone know of any successful way to drive customers to your new website??
Thank you for any profitable success.
Getting Started

Search Engine Marketing - the best way to market directly to people searching for your product and to get in front of your competition. Happy to talk to you about it. Extremely efficient at getting the right traffic once it gets optimized. Our firm is a local Annapolis firm, but we market for some very big brands in the SEM space (Yachts, Ultraluxury vehicles, etc).  Our contact info is in our profile. We could also probably save you a ton on your TV buys - just sayin'   


Recommend to watch Gary Veynerchuck ( Gary Vee)on YouTube... and read his
amazing book "Crush It!
Practical information and advise from an expert:
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Coach Geo

@KBDesigner, welcome to the community! This is a great topic and I know you are not the only one who struggles with this. From my experience, it is not just a matter of finding the different ways to market but to determine which method is best for you and your customer's. Thank you for involving us all! 

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Consider going on talk shows that have a good audience and more than just air time in benefits.  I have one that reaching thousands if interested. contact me at only serious minded please.