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Attention all Recording Artists!!! Lost booking revenue can mean new performance opportunities:-)

We are an official Sony Indie Label.  We've been busy replacing our artists tour dates and club booking with intimate live performances unplugged and personal. If you would like some direction on promoting a performance from your home, and in most cases depending on your fan base, we can help create a pay-per-view opportunity,  All your fans that are sad about dropped dates can now see you over a course of 3-5 live performances giving your fans optional dates to tune in.  Its working and its a very sound idea.  If you'd like some help with it, just respond here or send me an email at or  We would love to be of service to as many as can manage.  This too shall pass. 

God Bless,

Michael Bloom

Managing Partner, Solaris Entertainment


My husband , Gotthard Hugle, is a pianist here in Germany. He is also a music teacher. I of course might be his biggest fan however whenever he plays everyone enjoys his work. Typically he is very involved in many projects through the year and he is dedicated and diverse. A skilled professional and very respected in his field of work.
You can find him on SoundCloud under his artist name “Scott Hart”. Also you can see him on my website
Should you be interested in having him play a piano concert or a melody or two ... please reach out to us
Alice K. Hugle
(Gotthard’s Wife)