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error unmatched tags delegate still present

Hi everybody 

I have a problem with my plesk in upload a database file as I follow the following steps :

1- Websites & Domain

2-Backupd manager

3- On server repositery tab ... More action .... Database Backup 

then I got error "error unmatched tags delegate still present" on the top of the page and the upload backup file is not active 


Please anybody help me 




Hey @Bilal1,


Any chance you were able to work out what was causing this error to occur? If you're still encountering this within your hosting dashboard, you should try reaching out to our live support so they can look inside the account.


Maybe another member who has encountered this error can share some more insight?


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

please i have the same issue and i cant reach the support from my country they dont support numbers to them from egypt, i face this issue and my website dosent appear in browser when i visit it , just a white blank page

Me too having the same issue. please let me know how to resolve this. I'm getting "tags {delegate} still present in main" issue when I click on virtual directories tab

ERROR: unmatched tags {delegate} still present in main



That error is occurred all the time. Can't call to the support. Is there anyone here who can help??

Also unable to connect with my database server SQL.Stuck with it