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SSL - This Certificate Was Signed By An Unknown Authority

Hi all,

I have bought a UCC SSL cert. As many others have already found out, server certificates are signed by an intermediate certificate which is not trusted by default on Safari macOS and iPhone

I've contacted support, explained the issue and asked for a refund. I was told to contact the SSL team at which I have done. They have responded by saying I should go back to help and talk to customer support.

Is there a way to request a refund for my purchase or a team to contact by email? 

Thank you!

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Hmmmm.... UCC or wildcard, UCC or wildcard? 


interesting weekend reading here relative to your issue.

Thanks for your reply.

Here's the certificate type:

This is not a macOS server & the problem is that macOS & iOS clients won't trust the certificate (this is an issue of the godaddy certs not mine).

If anyone can tell me how to request a refund I would be grateful. It's seems support here is great when ordering non-existent when you need a refund.


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hi, be honest now, there was no way you read through that link in the little time you took to respond. I was not saying you had apple server, but as you state in your enquiry, your issue is related to apple 🍎 products not accepting your cert. if you had bothered to read through that excellent thread and not just the very first post where you saw "apple server" then you would have learnt why your cert may not be trusted by apple. 

Thanks for that! 


You may have chosen the wrong type of cert!


so I guess it's a call to support then!

I really appreciate you're trying to help. I'm aware of what the issue is. I wish the issue was made clear in the product page or by the support person that actually placed my order (who by the way was very helpful).

All I asked was:

'Is there a way to request a refund for my purchase or a team to contact by email?'

The reason I asked is because support don't seem to be very responsive. So far I tried the online chat and sending an email to the team I was told to. But, like you suggested, I will give them a call and see what happens.

Maybe is down to miscommunication, but it seems to me that your responses are: 'my issue', 'not trusted by apple' & 'you may chosen the wrong product' and nothing to do with godaddy issuing the certs, so let me expand:

It's absolutely shocking that godaddy sells any SSL cert that don't support popular browsers and OSes. It's their responsibility to establish trust, not the other way round. They are basically selling a product that is not fit for purpose. I'm wondering how many people out there use these certificates without knowing they don't do what they are meant to do.

Just my opinion - thank you for your help.

UPDATE:  For anyone in a similar situation, avoid online chat support - just call them. It took me 10 mins to cancel the purchase and the support person was very helpful. I wish I've done that in the first place instead of sending emails 🙂

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Hi @nk72,


Yes you are quite correct in your criticisms there. I simply thought that thread would give you some more clues.

You are quite right that if a product doesn't do what it should then you have a right to a refund, but, and it's a big but, in order to get a refund you first have to prove the service or goods are at fault and not fit for purpose.

To do this, you have to read some homework first...... I gave you some homework. That's all. Best of luck friend Smiley Happy