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Adding MailMunch Pop-Up to Cpanel

Hey Everyone,


I recently created a "Sign up for my Newsletter" Pop-up, using MailMunch. It created the pop-up and gave me an html code to add to my website. So here is my question. I don't really know anything about programming a website and my website is already finished and coded through Cpanel. How do I add this MailMunch code to my site now so the pop-up will show? 


Any help is greatly appreciated.



Helper IV

Hi @Jt2017 - It might be easier to assist you if you could give us the URL of your website, and tell us where you'd like the form to go.


Did some create your website for you? If so, they might be able to put the code where it needs to go.


You can't 'code a website' through cPanel, that's not the way cPanel works.  I'm wondering if you might have a WordPress site that you installed through a feature in cPanel?


If you can provide a bit more info, I'm sure someone here can help you out.






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Hey Doc,


Thanks for the response. So here is my site:


When I created the Pop-Up, I did it through MailMunch, which created a code and MailMunch says to paste this into my site. I attached a Screenshot of the code I am suppose to use.


My only issue is, I have no clue where to put this code at in my Cpanel, if thats even possible. So Im a little lost as to where I put this at.

Thanks for the link to your site. Looking at the code it tells me it's a WordPress site. You will be able to add the code, but you'll do it by logging into your WordPress site and adding it there, not through cPanel. You can log into your site here:


For some reason I couldn't view the png of the code on my iPad, I kept getting a 404 file not found error.. Hopefully someone else will be able to view it and help you. I'll check tomorrow from my computer to see if I can view it.  Good luck!








Need some help with WordPress? Check out Site Doctor 911
Worry-Free WordPress Support - So You Can Focus On The Important Stuff

Thanks Doc, question.


When I try to log onto it asks for a username and password. I reached out to the designer who made the site and asked for the credentials but havent gotten a response. Is there any backdoor way for me to reset the password or login via Godaddy?

To reset your password you can follow the steps listed in this wordpress article. Resetting Your Password

Another option to resetting the password is Using the Emergency Password Reset Script If you use the emergency script make sure you delete the script right after using it. 


once you have the password reset you can go to to login and place the code on your site. I would recommend you contact the person who built your site and have them add the MailMunch popup to your site. depending on where you want to add the link you may need to edit the theme files and that can get tricky.