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Advice/Guidance Starting WordPress Freelance

Hello all!


I have been building/maintaining websites for friends/acquaintances for several years now.  I taught myself HTML when I was about 12, and started teaching myself CSS a few years ago.  I want to learn more about PHP, javascript, jQuery, etc. in the future.

My current job/career is at a dead-end, and I would really love to start a home-based business setting up and managing WordPress sites for other small business owners who want an online presence but don't know where to start, or do not have the time to devote to it on their own.  This is particularly true for people in the equine (horse) and livestock industries, which is my passion and area of study in college.

Can anyone provide some advice or guidance for where I should start to become a formal business?  I have a general idea about forming a DBA and getting a business license, but my biggest (perceived) obstacle is the legal stuff.


Thanks in advance, Pros!

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Hi @chughes,


There are a couple of resources for you to start with:

First one, tick, you're here Smiley Happy

Then the other two are a choice, one or the other really. A fantastic resource is if you learn best by video. 

If you learn best by books (online) then Safari books online is good. They do video's as well but are more geared towards books. Both of these sites offer a free period (this does change, please check) and then after is around £1 (one British pound) per day. Which for limitless video and books (downloadable in both cases though conditions apply to downloading stuff) is really good.

There is of course the free Youtube, but you can't always guarantee the accuracy of the video and it will never go into all the detail you need.


And finally, to learn from other Freelancer mistakes before you make them there is the often funny but informative clients from hell.


Good luck from a fellow freelancer developer, and remember contract, contract, contract!

I have a free template contract in pdf you can download from my site and adapt for your needs if you want an idea. It's absolutely required so that you don't have to get into the legal stuff!

Take care.

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Hey I can't count, I think I said 'the other two' then gave you three, lol, even pro's get it wrong. It's 1:20 am here in very cold Scotland tonight 🙂 bed time!!