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Caching Custom Template Files for Wordpress

On my staging site, the old custom single page template files are being stored.

The quick patch was to create version numbers for the newly updated templates, appending the template name with a version.



1) Make changes to template.

2) The newly updated template files are being recognized by Wordpress on Godaddy from FTP and Wordpress wp-admin.

3) Updates are not being displayed from Template File on page url.

4) Patch: Change template file name and load in new template file.


Is there any alternatives or is this a bug being worked on?

Helper VI

Hi @jayowl, welcome to the community! 🙂

Can you explain a little further your issue?


It seems to me that you made a custom page.php file, and you want to keep different versions of the file?

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I want these files to update without having to set a version for {single-page.php} template files. This was the only way I could update them to be displayed to the browser. Wordpress/GoDaddy was/is storing older versions and these older versions are being displayed, unless I change the name of the template. 


I'm wondering if its possible, or if it will be possible, to make changes to those files without having to update them with a version number?