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Domain is stuck redirecting to a sub domain

I had built a new site for a client and placed it in a folder called "site2", since he preferred "site1" instead of the root for his original site. Client has asked if I can move it over to the root, so I deleted a redirect from "/" to "site2", but it's not going away. There is nothing in the .htaccess file except for the default WP stuff.


How can I get the redirect to "site2" to stop?


The site is here:


Hey @andygt,


Looks like you might have worked this out as I'm seeing the domain resolve without any redirect to a subdomain or subfolder at the end of the URL. Or did I misunderstand what you're actually trying to do?


Since you mentioned WordPress, I believe there's additional settings within the dashboard that affects the URL address that should be appearing for the site if you meant to show the subfolder at the end. 


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