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Error Establishing Database Connection and can't login to phpMyAdmin

Site was working fine yesterday.  Attempted to login to wordpress today and received the "Error establishing a database connection" message.  I receive the same error for the website directly and the /wp-admin.  I updated my database password and changed it in wp-config.  The host and username are correct.  I also cannot login to phpMyAdmin using the database name/password.  All my other sites are working fine. Can godaddy tell me if the database is down or if the user permissions were somehow changed?  Really wish chat was still available for product support.....

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @ironbessflint,  there'd be no way to know exactly what is causing that error without some in depth review of your hosting plan & site content.  You'll want to reach out to our live support teams if you're still experiencing this issue.  


We do offer live chat as a contact option.  Chat can be accessed by clicking on the "Product Support" link at the bottom of our United States homepage. The hours of operation for chat are Monday through Friday from 5AM to 6PM (Arizona, USA time zone/GMT -07:00). Thanks.