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How do you create a WordPress staging site using cPanel?

I'm trying to figure out how to create a WordPress staging site using cPanel and a GoDaddy Deluxe shared hosting account. Also, if my clients domain is technically a subdomain for my shared hosting account, what do I name the staging site? For example, if my client's website is will naming the stating site work?




Hi @idealynx,


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Were you able to resolve your issue and get the staging site set up? The Managed WordPress Pro hosting accounts come with staging sites already there for you. If you're going to create on in cPanel, be sure you are using a deluxe plan or higher.


You can set up a staging site using a plugin or setting it up manually. While there are several WordPress guides online, here's one that includes both options. You can also use the expertise of other WordPress users by going to the WP Forum here




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Hello @TLH , I have Ultimate Managed WordPress Websites and Pro membership but despite contacting support twice my staging site never works – it says “Syncing your Staging Site to your Production Site  This process can take a few minutes...” but never completes – any ideas please? My managed wordpress site also takes 5 minutes to load into wordpress from the godaddy link? Again support are no help – any ideas please? Should my staging site be already there for me please? thank you