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How to Fix Redis Proxy Error 111

Hi Community, my WordPress Managed website suddenly loads much more slow than usual, and I noticed there was an alert on the top warning:

Error [111] connecting to the Redis Proxy: Connection refused.


Does anyone know how to fix this? I believe there are others facing this issue.


Any valuable assistance would be highly appreciated.


facing same issue 

Mine is also... UGHHHH


Same Here! this happened 24 hours ago! 


I hope we can find solution !

Getting Started

I called GoDaddy support earlier today and they were able to fix this issue by updating or resetting a GoDaddy config file on the wp server.

How can I fix the same issue (Error [111] connecting to the Redis Proxy: Connection refused) on my website: Tracking Parcels

Me too!

any luck on the fix, having same issue and no response yet

Try disabling the object-cache.php in the wp-content folder by renaming it to object-cache.php.disabled. 

Thank you TecX best solution it is working now perfect


TechXPro-com it worked.

Thank you so much.... Your provided solution worked like a charm.

I am not smart enough to go to the wp-content folder.


Could you give me the steps to do this? Thanks.

I'm in the same boat.  The steps here would be amazing.


You have to FTP into your site files. Your FTP credentials will be available to you in your GoDaddy (not WordPress) admin panel.

1. Login to GoDaddy account

2. Select "Manage" next to MANAGED WORDPRESS WEBSITES

3.  Select "Settings" for the site you need to FTP into

4. In the right-hand column under "Basic Settings" click "View" next to SFTP user

5. Use SFTP credentials to create an account within your FTP software (You can use CUTEFTP or a similar program)


6. Navigate to the wp-content folder to find the offending file object-cache.php

7. From there rename it to object-cache.php.disabled

8. Once you refresh your backend admin in WordPress the Error should disappear

Good luck!

Does this mean the website will no longer have a cache setup?

The website is running like normal now after your solution!!


Thank you for the step by step instructions, that was a great help!!


Thank you again for the fix, you are a lifesaver!

I've disabled the object-cache.php and that resolved the error. 


I'm wondering what the implications are of continuing to run the site without the objects-cache.php file? 


I'm using Cloudflare, so it seems like caching is something Cloudflare will handle anyway, but still curious.