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How to Modify a Website's Design?

Hello everybody, I am new to GoDaddy and Wordpress. I am trying to modify an existing site's DESIGN ONLY made using WordPress, but don't know how to get to the admin dashboard. I'm using, so I have my own domain/web-hosting already set up and good to go. Do I actually have to modify the files on cPanel File Manager to see changes made to the website? I see a lot of files like wp-content but I am lost. If possible, I prefer to modify using the dash-board or any type of visual rather than going into the actual files. 


This website was created by someone else, and I am tasked to change the design of the website but not handle backend. Do I need the username/password wordpress info of the person that created the website? Thanks

Helper VI


In order to modify a website created with wordpress, the easy way is to access the admin dashboard.
You can do that by typing in your browser
Now you have to insert the user/pass combination.
If you do not have the user/pass but you have access to cPanel then go to "phpMyAdmin" section and click on it.
Now, in order to create a new user, go to your website database and click on "wp_users" and then on "Insert" to add a new user.
If you do not know how to add a new user then use the tutorial from here:

I hope this will help you. Good luck.


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