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How to Reset FTP user Password?

Hello, all 

I use Godaddy WordPress hosting service.
I need to reset my TP user Password but I could not find the interface that will enable me to rest FTP user password. 

any idea?


Best regards 


Super User I

I don't know WHY this is so, but you can't change your SFTP password in Managed WordPress. You can look it up if you don't know it.


Instructions here:


You have to click through a few steps, but the show you how to find it.


If we dont have option to change the sftp password will create problems to site owners.

For development and enhancements we will be sharing with developers or other third party supporters.

after completing the work even developers and third party supporters holding the password, then site owner can loose confidence on data or developer/third party supporter have chance to miss use or can do any changes and we as site owner will not have data security. 

So, please provide option to chnage sftp details for managed wordpress users.


I need to reset my ftp password too.

My wordpress password keeps resetting. Once I reset it and log in, then leave and log back in again (be it minutes or days later) it says the password is incorrect and I have to do it all over again. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for what this could be? Im so lost (and frustrated). TIA.