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How to upload plugin with no zip file

I just purchased a plugin and cannot locate the zip file to upload in WP. Screenshot attached (could not attach) shows the DIVI folder (Divi Builder plugin), but no zip file. Can someone explain where the zip file is located? (& why can't we attach files to our posts? even tried it as a photo, but would not work)


Thank you!



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I can't speak to the that particular plugin or theme or whatever it is because I haven't heard of that before. It is okay though because I have not heard of a lot of things and there seems to be many new things for WordPress daily.


There is a good article in the GoDaddy Garage The right way to add plugins to WordPress, pay attention to the Installing WordPress plugins sections as it explains the FTP method for adding items to WordPress.


Not every plugin or template will come with an uploadable .ZIP and occasionally they can be a bit difficult to find as they might be buried in the delivery package? Also if you have done your work in picking the proper plugin (also explained in the The right way to add plugins to WordPress article)  you can try to contact their support directly or perhaps review the documentation for your specific plugin. Hope that helps?

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